What So Great About TaxPAL™


What's So Great About TaxPAL™

TaxPAL™ provides a customized data capture process to assist you in identifying and recording tax deductible tax expenses.

  • Daily reminders help you establish and maintain routine recording for all business related expenses and timely filing of quarterly and annual returns.
  • TaxPAL™ helps you identify and potentially qualify for the multitude of tax deductions available to the home-based and other small or mid-sized business owners by satisfying three established IRS requirements:
    1. Establishing a regular and consistent pattern of business operations
    2. Establishing the intent to make a profit.
    3. Maintaining required records to document your deductions.

TaxPAL™ produces annual reports, making tax returns a breeze.


We’re Loaded with User Benefits

  • Quick & Easy Explanations of Deductible Expenses.
  • Plain-English Definitions of Important Tax Deduction Terms (No legalese here!)
  • Recordkeeping Categories Consistent with Tax Forms and Schedules
  • Tax Code Citations Referencing IRS Code Section Authorizing each Deduction
  • Project Your Annual Tax Savings Based on Entered Year-to-Date (YTD) Data
  • Quarterly & Annual Reminders for Tax Payments and Reports Due.
  • Customized Reports for Individual Tax Deductions
  • Assistance in Producing Schedules A & C
  • TaxPAL™ On-Going Tax Education Program

TaxPAL™ On-Going Tax Education Program

The TaxPAL™ On-Going Tax Education Program is available to all subscribers and is provided by Dr. Ron Mueller, the #1 authority on Small-Business Tax Law

The On-Going Tax Education Program includes:

  • Video Tutorials covering ALL of the Six Biggest small and home-business tax deductions.
  • Monthly live Q&A calls
  • Monthly special reports on new tax-saving opportunities
  • Frequent live webinars

Early-Alert newsletter, “Tax Tips You Can Bank On.”

For more information about Dr. Mueller, click here.