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Take a look at all our TaxPAL team partners and all the tools that can make your business run smoother. If you'd like to save money on our bundles select the products you're interested in click the purchase button at the bottom of this page.

Dr. Ron Mueller

"Home Business Tax Savings, Made Easy!" translates the convoluted language of the Federal Tax Code into ‘plain English’ that the average person can easily understand and quickly use. Dr. Mueller's ‘translation’ skills were validated when the IRS, after evaluating the book, didn’t require, or even suggest, a single change.

This book is for YOU, IF YOU ARE…

  • Making a PROFIT in your home-based business, or
  • NOT making a Profit in your home-business, or
  • Think you can’t afford to GET INTO a home business, or
  • Thinking about QUITTING your home-based business, or
  • Heard it before, but need a REFRESHER, or
  • Have heard something about tax breaks for home-based
businesses, but have no idea what they are.​​
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   $ 47.95 + Shipping & Handling

Tax MiniMi$er -- Financial Tracking System

This simple paper-based system helps you gather and organize the raw data and receipts to make it easier to enter everything into your TAXPAL software, whether you are starting now, or organizing prior months and years!

Your tax professional, or tax software, can only be as good as the records you keep. Tax MiniMi$er makes it easy to daily track all of your receipts, mileage & profitability...with audit-proof written records.


  • 12 Receipt Envelopes for "Vehicle Mileage & Expense Records"
  • 12 Receipt Envelopes for "Business Income & Expense Records"
  • 20-Column "Annual Business Summary of Income & Expense"

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   $ 35.95

TaxPAL™ -- "Introductory Video"

Use this DVD as a tool to supplement your income and make money while using the TaxPAL™ application. As you work with TaxPAL you'll see the potential. You can use this as a selling tool, pass this on and for every referral we pay you.

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