• TaxPAL™ provides a systematic way to record daily business-related expenses.

  • TaxPAL™ provides a standard Chart of Accounts from which a business owner can quickly and easily identify and select appropriate expense categories that may qualify for tax deductions for small or home-based business owners.


  • TaxPAL™ can be easily accessed from laptops, smartphones, PCs, Macs, Notebooks, iPads, or literally any device with Internet access
  • TaxPAL™ offers a “stand-alone” web application that offers existing small and home-based business owners electronic access to a customized recording and tracking database that organizes and manages their business related expenses and potential tax deductions.

  • TaxPAL™ features a helpful tool that reminds the user to record daily business-related expenses.

  • TaxPAL™ provides needed assistance in preparing Schedules A & C and/or a digital file (including USB Memory Stick, CD, and DVD Disk) which is compatible with most major tax accounting software systems, such as Lacerte, Intuit-Pro Series, Turbo-Tax, Xero and Intuit Tax-on-line, at the end of each fiscal or calendar year.


  • TaxPAL™ projects your annual tax savings based upon your tax bracket and year-to-date records of eligible and deductible expenses.

  • TaxPAL™ provides references to Tax Code Sections for claimed deductions, to make it easy for you and/or your tax pro to confirm that every one of the deductions is legal, correct, and honest. This feature is a significant help for tax preparers who may not understand allowable small and home-based business deductions.