Anthony Schermerhorn

Over the years, I have used many programs and services to record my expenses, but this is the first time I have felt secure that my records are not going to be thrown out if I get audited. I know that as long as I fill in all the fields on the form I have all the information the IRS requires. There are also so many things that I didn’t know I could right off. I wish this system had been available to me years ago, as I would have saved myself thousands of dollars. I know this system is new, but thank you TaxPAL™ for making a system that makes sense and is easy to use. I look forward to doing my taxes next year!

George Andrews

I really like the feature that reminds me to record my business expenses daily. I used to lose the receipts, or couldn’t remember what the expense slip applied to but now I record them every day and I know that I will be saving money that I normally lost in taxes.

Jim & Molly Hopkins

It is about time someone came up with a simple way to track business expenses and make sure we have the right information in case of an audit. We have tried other systems, but they are just too complicated, whereas your System is so simple and easy to use. Thanks.

George Green

I just didn’t realize how much I could save on my taxes. This is cool!